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To: Kasim Reed

Declare June 2 Gun Violence Awareness Day: Kasim Reed

Declare June 2 Gun Violence Awareness Day: Kasim Reed

On June 2, millions of Americans who believe we can do more to stop gun violence will come together to Wear Orange on National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

Will you join us by issuing a proclamation declaring June 2nd as Gun Violence Awareness Day in our city?

What started as a way for a group of teens to honor their friend killed by gun violence has turned into a national movement to recognize the 91 Americans that are killed every day from gun violence, and the hundreds more injured. President Obama, Julianne Moore, the New York Mets, MTV, Cosmopolitan, Motown Records, Sarah Silverman, Jason Bateman, Katie Couric, Questlove, Michael J. Fox, Tony Hawk, and more than 200 noteworthy individuals and organizations answered the call.

Last year was the first Gun Violence Awareness Day. This year, I'm asking for your help to make it the biggest. Please join mayors across the country in officially recognizing the day and call for a future free from gun violence.

Why is this important?

The more cities and towns that declare June 2 Gun Violence Awareness Day, the louder our call for a future free from gun violence will become.

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Reasons for signing

  • Too many children have died due to gun violence, whether intentionally or accidentally
  • To help families with children to feel safe
  • Guns = Fear Restore safety and sanity to our neighborhoods.


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